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Tuesday, 30 June 2015
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France - The MaÔmonide Lodge in Toulouse Print E-mail

Moses Maimonides, or Moshe ben Maymon in Hebrew, was a doctor, theologian and Jewish philosopher.

He was born in Cordoba in 1135 and died in Cairo in 1204. He was buried in Tiberias.

For 16 years, under the religious persecution of the Almohades Muslims, he was forced to outwardly profess Islam.

He later moved to Fes, then Palestine and finally settled in Egypt, where he became doctor to the Fatimite Court.

He wrote 18 medical treatises, of which Medical Aphorisms, The Regimen of Health remain.
His theological works include a Commentary on the Michna (1158-1165) and enormous Talmudic compilation, The Second Law or the Mighty Hand (1170-1180).

As a philosopher, he wrote Guide for the Perplexed, in which he aimed to bridge the gap between faith and reason.

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