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This is an article from the Online Jewish News, issued on November 27th.

ron prosor

One of Israel's top diplomats this week issued a stinging rebuke to the United Nations, accusing it of "turning truth on its head and casting morality aside".

In a barnstorming speech, Israel's Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor accused the world body of "lending legitimacy to those who seek to destroy us" while highlighting the "fog that descends to cloud all logic and moral clarity" when it comes to the conflict.

Prosor's podium address came as the UN marked the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, and follows his condemnation of the Security Council's "vow of silence" following Palestinian terrorist attacks in Israel earlier this month.

You can find Ron Prosor entire speech here: Ron Prosor entire speech
As well as the video of his intervention at the United Nations : Speech video

Asking why the UN had not passed any resolutions condemning the execution and expulsion of Yazidis, Bahai, Kurds, Christians and Muslims currently being seen, Prosor, who was Israel's Ambassador to the UK from 2007 to 2001, highlighted what he sees as the warped obsession with Israel. "The result isn't realpolitik, it's surrealpolitik," he said.

"The world's unrelenting focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an injustice to tens of millions of victims of tyranny and terrorism in the Middle East." "Among 193 flags at the UN there is one flag with a Jewish star of David," he said.

"There is just one small nation state for the Jewish people, and for some people, that is one too many."

Palestinian Ambassador Riyad Mansour in turn accused Israel of "illegal and destructive activities, reckless provocations and incitement, and flagrant intransigence and bad faith in negotiations".

Noting the stark contrast with this time last year, when talks were ongoing, Mansour demonstrated that feelings on all sides were inflamed. "Gross human rights violations and breaches of international humanitarian law amounting to war crimes were committed by Israel in Gaza," he said.

Here is an abstract of Ron Prosor's amazing and powerfull speech:

" Mr. President,

As we came into the United Nations, we passed the flags of all 193 member States. If you take the time to count, you will discover that there are 15 flags with a crescent and 25 flags with a cross. And then there is one flag with a Jewish Star of David. Amidst all the nations of the world there is one state - just one small nation state for the Jewish people.

And for some people, that is one too many.

As I stand before you today I am reminded of all the years when Jewish people paid for the world's ignorance and indifference in blood. Those days are no more. We will never apologize for being a free and independent people in our sovereign state. And we will never apologize for defending ourselves.

To the nations that continue to allow prejudice to prevail over truth, I say "J'accuse." I accuse you of hypocrisy. I accuse you of duplicity. I accuse you of lending legitimacy to those who seek to destroy our State. I accuse you of speaking about Israel's right of self-defense in theory, but denying it in practice. And I accuse you of demanding concessions from Israel, but asking nothing of the Palestinians.

In the face of these offenses, the verdict is clear. You are not for peace and you are not for the Palestinian people. You are simply against Israel.

Members of the international community have a choice to make.

You can recognize Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, or permit the Palestinian leadership to deny our history without consequence.

You can publically proclaim that the so-called "claim of return" is a non-starter, or you can allow this claim to remain the major obstacle to any peace agreement.

You can work to end Palestinian incitement, or stand by as hatred and extremism take root for generations to come.

You can prematurely recognize a Palestinian state, or you can encourage the Palestinian Authority to break its pact with Hamas and return to direct negotiations.

The choice is yours. You can continue to steer the Palestinians off course or pave the way to real and lasting peace".