melchior pic
                                                                       Bent Melchior with B’nai B’rith Denmark President Allan Niemann

Bent Melchior turns 85 on 24th June

Honorary Life Time President Bent Melchior, BBE and Danmark Loge received his Golden Anniversary pin on March 18th for having been a member of our lodge for 50 years.

Bent Melchior is well known in our small Jewish community in Denmark. First he was a teacher in our Jewish Day School (1949-58), later one of our rabbis (1963-70) and then (1970-96) our Chief Rabbi. In Danish Society Bent Melchior is known for his humanitarian work, for a better understanding with the other main faiths, for his many publications as well as for his translation of the Torah and other Jewish works plus an enormous number of speeches held even in the smallest towns in the entire Kingdom. Since retiring in 1996 Bent Melchior has continued his humanitarian and charitable work in Denmark and abroad.

From 1993-1999 Bent Melchior was President of B’nai B’rith Europe, where he, among many other things, reestablished B’nai B’rith in many countries of Eastern and Central Europe.

As President Allan Niemann said as he placed the pin on Bent Melchior’s lapel “We are really proud of the fact that you are our brother and that you come from our Danmark Loge.”

This week on Tuesday June 24th Bent Melchior will be celebrating another great day in his life. He will be 85 years young!

Mazel tov to Bent Melchior!

by Steen Cadan - BBE Executive Member