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NEWS - News of B'nai B'rith

By Claude Bloch and François Moyse
1. 2011 Jewish Heritage Day Report

Our targets were exceeded and the newspaper BBNews gave you specific numbers of attendance for each country. The joy of participation is still very high and governments are on our side.

 - London (December 2011)

 Claude Bloch representing AEPJ and the BBE Heritage commission, next to BBE President Ralph Hofmann presented together to Valerie Bello and Barbara Nathan the medal of recognition for their work over many years by the BBUK. It was a beautiful ceremony full of warmth and emotion.

- General Assembly of AEPJ

On 11-12 January 2012, AEPJ held its general meeting Luxembourg at the offices of Neumünster Abbey. The Committee was welcomed by the newly appointed Director of the European Institute of Cultural Routes, Mrs. Penelope Denu, who expressed her satisfaction to see us keep our meeting at these premises and who explained the new direction of the Council of Europe on the routes.

The policy report and accounts were approved unanimously, and are at your disposal. The AGM was followed by an EGM which helped to change Article 6 of our statutes, which now provides that: "Each association receives one vote for every € 1,000 contribution per year". This article allows new associations to join us and makes BBE keep the majority of votes.

The AGM was followed by a dinner hosted by the AEPJ with BBE President Ralph Hofmann in attendance, the Director of the cultural routes of the Council of Europe, Mrs. P. Denu and many ambassadors.

- Official Agreement

After filing a voluminous record at the request of the Council of Europe, we received clearance to maintain our label of the Council of Europe for the next 3 years as an Itinerary.

- Life of the Association

We sent the Brussels office a request for participation to all members of BBE and received three responses.

The secretariat is currently in Girona for the 2012 Day and sent the file of participation to all partners in 2011, in addition to those who asked. The topic this year is "Jewish humour" in all its forms. For the poster we opened a contest on Facebook and it will be selected by an independent committee and sent to all.

The website has improved and we opened Facebook and Twitter: http://www.jewisheritage.org/

The network of cities and sites of Portugal has been created.

Contrary to what we announced we had to abandon the idea to hire a professional to work routes, because of lack of funds.

- Work of Hirschler Lodge in Strasbourg

For 5 years, a scientific committee, under the auspices of the lodge, has been working towards an exhibition of Franco-German "Yosselmann" (1478-1554), which we mentioned in our last report.

This exhibition was created first in Rosheim, Yosselman's hometown and has been shown in Erfurt (Germany) in the presence of city authorities and Claude Bloch. It was inaugurated in Strasbourg on 3 May 2012, under the patronage of Mrs. Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe and AEPJ, in the presence of French Minister Philippe Richert.

This exhibition will go to Spier and Augsburg in 2013 and it would be good that members of the lodges would be interested.

2. 2012 Jewish Heritage Day :
- Subject Matter: The Spirit Of Jewish Humour
- Sunday, September, 2nd 2012
Jewish day 1
Several Lodges in Europe have already scheduled to celebrate this year edition of the JHD. Hereunder some examples of the scheduled festivities.
A complete programme of the European celebration can be read at:
The Antwerp the Mala Zimetbaum schedules
- a Guided tour of the Dutch Synagogue
Date/Time: 02.09.2012, from 10 am to 5 pm
Address: Bouwmeesterstraat 7
Free entry. Previous booking required. More information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
- Strolls through "Jewish Antwerp"
Date/Time: 02.09.2012, at 11 am, at 1 pm and at 3 pm
Address: Meeting point: Monument to the Jewish War Victims, at Belgielei, on the corner of Mercatorstraat
Led by Antwerpen city guides. Free entry. Previous booking required . Further information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
- Lecture by Prof.Dr. Tom Paulus, U.A.
Date/Time: 04.09.2012, at 8 pm
Address: B'nai B'rith headquarters, Lamorinièrestraat 150
"Borscht TV: your Show of Shows and the discovery of Jewish situation comedy"
Free entry. Previous booking required Further information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Lecture (in French): "The place of Jewish humour in the film world"
"La place de l'humour juif dans le monde du cinéma "
Date/Time: 02.09.2012, 17 h
Address: B'nai B'rith 22 Place aux Huiles - 13001 Marseille
Lecture illustrated by film scenes, conceived and presented by Xavier NATAF
Entry is free.

Jewish day 2
Click here to view the complete programme of the BBUK:
-> The wishes of the commission would be that each member of the EC be the ambassador in his country and his region for the promotion of Jewish heritage, for the common European good, so that each region and each lodge bring to this great project their own contribution and enable to open up to others in these difficult times that we are experiencing.