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NEWS - News of B'nai B'rith

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B'nai B'rith is greatly disturbed by Amnesty International's latest attempt to slander Israel with the release of its report, "Trigger Happy."

The document reveals an extreme bias, as it paints an unfounded picture of Israeli brutality perpetrated against a helpless Palestinian people, unquestioningly blaming the Jewish state for many alleged wrongdoings in the region. 
Amnesty International's accounting of the Israel Defense Forces' operations in the West Bank features a lengthy list of accusations—a spectrum ranging from lack of government transparency all the way to unlawful killings—that pin the entire plight of the Palestinians solely on Israel.

The report completely ignores Israel's complex security issues and assigns absolutely no blame to the Palestinians, who have undertaken a campaign of terror against the Jewish state for decades.
The report follows a similar narrative Amnesty International has offered before, marginalizing the Palestinian Authority and Hamas' abuse of power and portraying terrorists as innocent youths engaged in peaceful protest.
The report's contention that Israel acts with "impunity" in carrying out its alleged wrongdoings belies the fact that Israel is a democratic country, with open elections, an independent judiciary, a free press and an active civil society. Israeli courts frequently overturn government and military policies, even in wartime.
Amnesty International's report feeds the global campaign to demonize Israel and intensify its isolation in the international community.

 Amnesty is using its humanitarian mission as a shield, as it levels biased and politically charged accusations against the Jewish state.