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NEWS - News of the Lodges

A fortunate coincidence made from "The Spring of B'nai B'rith Romania (BBR) - a trip outdoor, that has become a tradition, a way of socializing for the BBR's members, part of the initiated programme since the election of eng. Jose Iacobescu as President of the Forum - a good occasion to celebrate The Jerusalem Day in a different way from the classic formula.

We are saying that because "the trip outdoor", at the "Astoria" C.F.R. Complex in Snagov fit in with the celebration of the Jerusalem's reunification, the eternal capital of the Jews around the world. This is something that President Jose Iacobescu also emphasized in his speech of welcoming the guests and thanking the friends from the Jewish Community Center (JCC) in Bucharest, collaborators to this event.

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But, there have also been the artistic show and prizes contests that animated the assistance. The Israeli music recital offered by the JCC chorus conducted by Bogdan Lifsin, enriched with new members - singers of the "Madrigal" chorus and of the Romanian National Opera.

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The songs that travelled across the entire world dedicated to "The Golden Jerusalem" combined with the well-known songs from the Romanian folklore. We also danced, took trips to the river side and into the woods; there were joyfull moments. All of them photographed by Sandu Caltia and Doina Voinea who made a way of life in the social volunteering activities in the Health Commission of BB Romania. Mrs. Voinea is continuing the work of her husband, the late Prof univ.dr. Andrei Voinea.  

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We also had another celebration: the anniversary of Magda Trifu, social volunteer at JCC - Bucharest with Happy Birthday, cake and little candles.

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The contests had as main themes questions "From the history of Jerusalem", "Questions from the Bible", Quotations belonging to some great Jewish personalities" with thrills for the candidates and applauses for the winners. Silviu Henry Wexler received An Honorary Prize as one of the main donors of BB Romania and a special Prize for "the soul" of the entire activities of the Forum was awarded to Mrs. Victoria Demayo. The big prize "The golden key of the Jerusalem city" was offered to the president of BB Romania, eng. Jose Iacobescu. The laureate thanked Mr. Shai Orny, manager of JCC for the cooperation, Mrs. Janina Ilie, manager of project for the Federation of the Jewish Communities in Romania, Mr. Dan Ionita, the manager of the Astoria Complex.

Prof. Veronica Barladeanu, secretary general of the Cultural Friendship Association Romania - Israel presented the book "The History of Israel - a pletographic history from the ancient times until present", published under the auspices of BB Romania and the Cultural Friendship Association Romania - Israel.

A beautiful day for all the supporters of the biblical verse, paragraph of B'nai B'rith:  "How nice and beautiful is when brothers are together."