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NEWS - News of the Lodges

Please find attached an open letter expressing our opinion on the public debate regarding the monument of the "Saviors of Survivors" to be built in Poland.
Best regards.
Sergiusz Kowalski

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Dear Madam,
Dear Sir,

A discussion is underway about the erection of a monument to the fair, "Saviors of Survivors/Righteous Among the Nations", and its location. The Jewish B'nai B'rith in Poland think this monument, especially if it is to be erected beside first the: Uprising Monument of Ghetto Heroes and second: The History Museum of Polish Jews, will be exposed to manipulation - that the actions of the heroes will be presented as the norm in Poland. To prevent this from happening, the monument should express unambiguously that the Saviors were few, they risked rejection and ostracism from their environment, they were not the rule, but the exception.

The idea of a memorial to "diffuse” – in the form of many commemorative tablets placed in places where aid was actually given– noting "here lived a man who saved Jews," brings us closer to what is acceptable. This solution would pave the way to an educational action, it would emphasize the pre-war divisions and the lack of recognition to the post-war Polish Righteous Among the Nations. They have alerady been publicly honored by the Israeli Institute Yad Vashem, and now in Poland, in a more appropriate setting, the monument would really do justice to those Saviors of Survivors.
Sergiusz Kowalski
Jewish B'nai B'rith Polin Lodge
Warsaw, Poland