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NEWS - News of the Lodges

News from Denmark!


12 men were sworn in as new brothers of Danmark Loge (BBDenmark – one of the few lodges only for men) on February 10th. – BUT it doesn’t stop here, as another two brothers will be sworn in at a meeting in our lodge on April 26th, where the lodge will be honored by a visit of the President of BBE, Erika Van Gelder.

14 new brothers in the Danmark Loge in this first half year of 2015 means about a 15 per cent increase in brothers which is the best result for several decades! Though the fine result for 2015 the commission for contacting candidates for a BB-membership does hope to find another 15-17 men to become brothers of Danmark Loge in 2016.

As the Danish Jewish Community counts less than 2.000 persons – BB Denmark is by now the biggest Jewish male organization in Denmark.

Steen Cadan