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WHAT WE DO - Human Rights

Transnational project of workshops and cultural events
Participating countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia

On a bridge, we may walk in opposite directions
and yet, we are walking towards each other...

This project is a manifesto against all forms of intolerance, racial discrimination, anti-Semitism. The workshops ( high level debates on issues such as intolerance, discrimination, anti-Semitism) and the cultural events (free of charge for the general public), are designed to disseminate knowledge about the Jewish contribution to the cultural development of that region. Knowledge about your neighbour's culture promotes understanding and mutual respect; it creates Bridges of Tolerance.


Romania, Bucharest

- Official opening followed by a classical concert
 Date : 20th of October, 2013
 Venue : Romanian Athenaeum, Benjamin Franklin Str., nr. 1-3
Time : 19:00-21:30

-Workshops & Discussions: "Discrimination, Stereotypes, Prejudice" Moderator: Dr. Alexandru Florian, Director of the "Elie Wiesel" National Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania
Date : 21st of October, 2013
Venue : The Romanian Parliament, Nicolae Balcescu Hall, Izvor Str. 2-4
Time : 09:00-14:00 (followed by lunch)

- Artistic Programme : Kletzmer, light music
Date: 21st of October, 2013
Venue: ArCub Hall, Str. Batiste 14
Time: 19:00-21:30

- Workshop: "The contribution of the Jewish people to the Romanian Culture" Moderator: Dr. Aurel Vainer, the President of the Federation of the Romanian Jewish Communities
Date : 22nd of October, 2013
Venue : The Romanian Parliament, Nicolae Balcescu Hall, Izvor Str. 2-4
Time: 09:00-14:00 (followed by lunch)

- Artistic programme : Popular Jewish Songs
Date : 22nd of October, 2013
Venue : Revue Theatre "Constantin Tanase", Savoy Hall, Calea Victoriei 31,
Time : 19:00-21:30

Bulgaria, Sofia

Workshop : "World music and the influence of Jewish composers"
Date : 10th of November, 2013
Venue : Bet'Am (Jewish Community Center), 50, Alexander Stambolijski Blvd.
Time : 18:30

Slovakia, Bratislava

Workshop: " Anti-Semitism and latent Anti-Semitism" Moderator: Frantisek Sebej, PhD, MP, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of the Slovak Republic
Date : 2nd of December, 2013
Venue : Theatre Ticho a spol , Skolska 14, 81107 Bratislava
Time : 17: 00-18:45

Artistic programme : Jews, Music and the Holocaust (Scenic reading by popular Slovak actors). Two stories of Holocaust survivors who are living in Bratislava and are connected with music
Same date and venue as above
Time : 19:00-21:30