WHO WE ARE - Executive Committee

During the 7th Convention of B'nai B'rith Europe, held in Frankfurt in June 8 2014, Sister Erika Van Gelder (The Netherlands) was elected 6th President of our organisation, replacing Brother Ralph Hofmann (Germany).

The new Executive Committee of B'nai B'rith Europe, elected by the Convention, is composed of the following members:

President: Erika Van Gelder replaced by Daniel Citone (November 2015)

Vice-President: Valerie Achache

Secretary General: Ernest Simon

Treasurer: Lionel Sebban

Executive Committee Members

Solomon Bali

Steen Cadan

Serge Dahan (BBF)

André Nadjar replaced by Stéphane Teicher (June 2015)

Reinold Simon (Mentor)

Eve Swabe (BBUK)

Maximilian Teicher

Constitution Committee

Armand Azoulai

Martin Dreyfus

Alberto Hasson

Simon Lauer

Joëlle Perelberg

Derrick Smouha

Léon Zacot

Electoral Commission

Valerie Achache

Francine Coen

Miguel Freund

Alberto Hasson

Andre Leder

Joelle Perelberg

Moise Rahmani

Joel Rubinfeld

Sylvie Rosenfeldt

Herbert Rubinstein

Derrick Smouha


Dr. David Leschem

Edi Rosenstein


Sylvie Rosenfeldt

Joel Rubinfeld