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Why do 87 people like matza balls on Facebook and why is sushi liked by 167,732?

Wasabi is one of the condiments that sushi is eaten with. Wasabi is hot. Wasabi screws up your taste buds. Wasabi is sexy. Sexy is trendy. Going for sushi is trendy. Going for matza ball soup means that your mother doesn't cook. Home made sushi is incredibly trendy. Home made matza ball soup makes your friends' eyes fogged.

It is unbelievable that people love matza balls. Matza ball soup is like tchulent. Both are so Jewish, that they make people say they love them, while it may not be true. It may only mean they like, or wish, to be Jewish. To be Jewish is so trendy. To be a nostalgic Jew, a traditional one, makes people feel jealous: - You belong somewhere! You own a knowledge that naturally makes you different! You have a beautiful place, which you may call your homeland. And men, they wear that, that, that little cap. Which is so hot! - and the sparkling eyes of your enthusiastic talker turn towards the sky, and your lips sardonically curl up to say - Hot as a matza ball soup!

Before, you had never considered matza ball soup as sexy, but such a kippa-praise makes you rethink the issue. The thoughts are flowing on your good Jewish sulcus in your brain, but only end up in thoughts like: - Though the soup always had balls, it has never been any sexy, just always used to be old fashioned. Cooking a matza ball soup makes you a Yiddishe mamme, even if you smoke a thousands of cigarettes in the kitchen while doing it. If you go for being sexy, you roll sushi. You put some black and white Tokyo photos on your wall, through away your kitchen table and sit on pillows on the ground. That's very sexy!

Matza ball soup is usually served on an old fashioned porcelain plate, while Sushi is sold in plastic trays in the shops. You can order plastic sushi on the phone. And the unused chopsticks stay in your kitchen drawer. And that is sexy.

The size of a sushi is very similar to the size of a matza ball. The tastes of both are so neutral, that you have to be very hungry to feel them. Both are traditional foods, both are in fashion these days and both fill you up. Both may bring out your inner feelings towards sex and other important issues. Feelings make you think. Thoughts make you talk. Talking ends up in a conversation. Conversations make relationships. People in relationships gladly eat together. They either eat sexy, or unsexy, the main point is eating. Matza balls, or sushi? It's just a question of taste.

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