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February 8, 2015 .

The Israelisation of anti-Semitism

Does Israel have the right to exist? The question is answered swiftly. Mr H. Van Minnebruggen doesn't hesitate for a second. His answer: "YES". In a fiery plea Van Minnebruggen defends the right of existence of the State of Israel. Moreover, according to him, the denial of this very right of existence is a form of anti-semitism.

In his lecture in front of the Bnai Brith loge Mala Zimetbaum, he stated that the anti-semitism in Europe is far from gone. This is reinforced by the public opinion which questions Israel's right to exist. But this is not the way it is perceived. However, Van Minnebruggen states that being against Israel is being against the Jews. Israel is their only homeland, to which they are fully entitled. It is important to underline that Israel is a very diverse society where Jews, Christians and Muslims live together in peace.

Van Minnebruggen senses a bias in the media, Israel is the aggressor in the Middle-East: the muslimterrorism remained thereby (till now) in the shadow. Why is Israel not allowed to protect his Jewish people? This is the only country in the world which does it efficiently. In Europe it does not happen well enough. The recent attacks in France and Belgium prove this.

The lecturer refers to the recent attack on Charlie Hebdo. The drawing of Mohammed was not the only motive. Anti-semitism and anti-Israel motives were an important basis as well. Amongst the 12 victims there was only one woman, the Jewish Elza Cayat. The other women survived the terrorist attack. Van Minnebruggen dedicated his lecture to Cayat.

Finally the author of puts forward what needs to happen according to him. First we all need to condemn the real terrorism. This means not at all condemning Israel, which on the contrary makes an extraordinary effort to combat terrorism. When the media communicates about this in a wrongful manner, friends of Israel should react in a much stronger and rapid way. Secondly, a correct and intensive education of the children on the subject of anti-semitism, the holocaust, and the bond with Israel is very much needed in our school-system.

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