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"Le dixième jour du septième mois, ce sera pour vous une sainte convocation, et vous mortifierez vos âmes..." (Lévitique 23, 27).

Tout le Comité executif du BBE et tous les membres s'unissent pour présenter ses plus sincères condoléances à David et aux membres de sa famille pour le décès de Victoria hier.

Vous êtes dans nos coeurs et dans nos prières.
VA summer boat party UK

75 participants s'éaient déplacés pour le lancement du nouveau group 25-45, "jeunes professionnels" du B'nai B'rith UK. La soirée s'est déroulée sur le thème "soirée d'été sur la Tamise".

La vice-présidente du BBE, Valérie Achache s'est rendue à l'évènement.

Un film sur le travail B'nai B'rith a été projeté. La soirée a semblé motiver de nouveaux membres à rejoindre le nouveau groupe.

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VA et Tony Etherton
Serge Dahan

Dimanche 21 juin 2015 s’est tenue l’Assemblée Générale du B’nai B’rith France, au cours de laquelle se sont déroulées les élections du Président et de son Bureau National.

Serge Dahan a été très largement réélu Président du B’nai B’rith France.

A ses côtés, le nouveau ticket national, élu lui aussi à cette occasion, se compose comme tel:

- Philippe Meyer, Vice-Président

- Francine Cohen, Vice-Présidente

- Renée Samanovy, Secrétaire Générale

-André Ouazana, Trésorier

Le nouveau Bureau National qui entame ainsi un mandat de trois ans sera composé du Président et de son ticket, ainsi que des cinq vice-présidents régionaux élus respectivement au sein de leurs régions.

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Philo at Trikalas synagogue 2Philo at Trikalas synagogue

“B’nai B’rith Lodge “Filon” Athens has organized over long weekend’s International Labor day (1/5/2015) a visit to the historical Jewish community of the city of Trikala, located in central mainland, Greece. The venue was part of our long standing solidarity visits to small communities all over the country.


Fifty people escorted by Athens’ recently retired rabbi & brother Isaac Mizan travelled to Trikala where we held Shabbat services at local synagogue, where the last full Shabbat morning service has actually taken place almost 3 years ago !


Besides celebrating a beautiful and moving Shabbat, our stay included trips to the nearby picturesque mountainous villages of Elati and Pertouli as well as at the artificial Lake Plastiras.


Once more, we strengthened our bonds while enjoying nature’s beauty and tasting local agricultural produce and further renewed our promise to meet soon again and keep loyal to the afore mentioned lodge’s solidarity goal”.    

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Malmö 2015-05-11

In view of the vandalized exhibition on the white buses.

The exhibition on the white buses have been vandalized in Gothenburg during the night of Saturday, one becomes despondent says project manager Michael Ringlander.

In Gothenburg, during the whole week celebratory kept the memories of the white buses that saved the lives of 1000's of people who had been in concentration camps during World War II. They had decided to have a ceremony in the synagogue and on night they vandalized the exhibition. Vandalism was adressing specifically the Jewish victims who came with the buses. They wanted to wipe out that it was the Jews who came.

Today we see the continued threats against Jews and Jewish institutions in Sweden and politicians' response has been to inject money into the safety of Jews in Sweden so they feel safe. Money is a way but it is not sustainable in the long run. But what kind of society do we want in Sweden? How long will the politicians inject money to numb there minds? Either starts politicians to take vigorous action to their vulnerable citizens, or we'll go to a Jew-free Sweden!

On Ynet News , journalist Yael Darel wrote that more and more Scandinavian Jews and especially Swedish Jews are buying homes like never before in Israel. One might ask the question why? Is not because they want to have a vacation home. They want a safe place to get to when the dark clouds piling up and today the clouds very gray. Jews have been in Sweden since the 1700s and always contributed to Swedish society. When will society and politicians through constructive efforts to contribute to the security and protection for its Jewish citizens?

Jews in Denmark feel they can not live the life they want to live, says Vice President Jonathan Fischer in the Jewish community in Denmark in an article. It can certainly the majority of the Swedish Jews also signing on.

If Sweden do not want a Jew-free Sweden, it is time for our politicians to start to listen and don´t bury their heads in the sand so they can´t see, and believing that the problem will disappear. Statement as our Deputy Prime Minister Asa Romson made on a party leaders debate yesterday in which she compared Auschwitz with the stream of refugees crossing the Mediterranean demonstrates a lack of history and the lack of skills and it is not worthy of Sweden.

B'nai B'rith Lodge Malmo

Kamrergatan 11Malmö

B'nai B'rith is the oldest Jewish service organization founded in New York in 1843. B'nai B'rith Malmo lodge is part of B'nai B'rith International.


Editor's note: "White Buses" refers to an operation undertaken by the Swedish Red Cross and the Danish government in the spring of 1945 to rescue concentration camp inmates in areas under Nazi control and transport them to Sweden, a neutral country. Although the operation was initially targeted at saving citizens of Scandinavian countries, it rapidly expanded to include citizens of other countries. All told, the operation removed 15,345 prisoners from mortal peril in concentration camps; of these 7,795 were Scandinavian and 7,550 were non-Scandinavian (Polish, French, etc.). In particular, 423 Danish Jews were saved from the Theresienstadt concentration camp inside German-occupied territory of Czechoslovakia, contributing significantly to the fact that casualties among Danish Jews during the Holocaust were among the lowest of the occupied European countries. The term "white buses" originates from the buses having been painted white with red crosses, to avoid confusion with military vehicles. source: Wikipedia













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