The aim of the project “Bridges of Tolerance”, launched in 2013, is to disseminate information about the contribution of the Jewish minority group to the local culture, to fight the growing antisemitism in Europe through education, to encourage a public debate about the efficiency of the existing tools and modes of implementation of Hate Crime through the existing legislation and to bring about an inter-faith dialogue between Jews and Christians on the basic values of our Judeo-Christian civilization.

The 4th edition of “Bridges of Tolerance” was held on June the 14th 2017 and has as main focus “National Minorities in Romania – A century of Cohabitation”. The event took place in the Aula Magna of the Romanian Academy.

The opening session was moderated by Mr. Jose Iacobescu, the President of Moses Rosen Lodge, in Romania. Key Speakers included the President of the Romanian Academy – Acad. Ionel Vlad, Presidential Advisor – University Prof. Dr. Sergiu Nistor, Deputy leader of the Parliamentary Group of National Minorities – Mr. Varujan Pambuccian, President of B’nai B’rith Europe – Mr. Daniel Citone, President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania – Dr. Aurel Vainer, Minister of Culture – Dr. Ionut Vulpescu, Sub Secretary of state, the Department of Interethnic Relations – Mr. Amet Aledin and President of the National Agency of the Roma – Mr. Daniel Radulescu.

An exhibition presented by Dr. Anca Tudorancea and titled “Jewish Witnesses of a Romanian Century” could be visited that day, in the hall of the Aula Magna of the Academy.

Following that was a session of reports, moderated by the President of FEDROM, Dr. Aurel Vainer, where ambassadors, university professors, presidents of Jewish communities around Romania actively took part in the discussions held.

The event ended with a show and a well deserved dinner. The show was performed by national minorities, with the support of Bucharest Klezmer band and bands of national minorities.