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The Jewish Heritage Days actually started in Antwerp on Tuesday, August 30th with the preview of the photo exhibition "Judaism & the New Medias" set up by the A.E.P.J. and the Centre for Documentation in Milan.

About 40 photos were exhibited, presented by Ernest Van Buynder, Chairman of the Friends of the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Antwerp (Muhka), followed by a very good speech by Mr. Patrick Janssens, Burgomaster of Antwerp. Among the exhibits were photos by Italian, Israeli, British and Swedish photographers, as well as the works of three photographers from Antwerp, Dan Zollman on the subject of Hassidim, Nathan Rubinsztejn and Jan Landau.


On September 4th in the framework of the Jewish Heritage Days in Antwerp, an official book entitled "Joden, leven in Antwerp" (Jews, life in Antwerp), published by the City of Antwerp, was presented. This book was edited to inform non-Jews about Jewish life and customs in Antwerp.

The event took place in the Dutch Synagogue of Antwerp, attended by the Deputy Burgomaster in charge of Culture and Religion, Philippe Heylen, the Deputy Burgomaster for social affairs, Mrs. Monica De Koninck and the curate Hendrik Hoet representing bishop Johan Bonny, together with the people who contributed to the creation of the book.


In a full synagogue, the introduction speech was delivered by the President of the Mala Zimetbaum Lodge in Antwerp, René Trau, followed by a presentation by Laurent Trau, Chairman of the Shomre Hadass Community. There followed a beautiful concert of hazanout by Hazan Benjamin Muller.