ISRAEL - Reports of BB activities

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The town of Eisenstadt, my birth place, is the capital of Burgenland, the eastern most province of Austria, and is also one of the seven Jewish communities of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, recognised for many years as places of Jewish learning. Discussions some months ago with the Curator of the Austrian Jewish Museum in Eisenstadt and with the Director of a research organisation dealing with the history of the Jews in Burgenland resulted in a wish for them to participate in the European Days of Jewish Culture and Heritage. This has now materialised and festivities are planned for the weekend of 12th to 14th September in Eisenstadt and in three of the other “sheba kehillot”, involving a Press Conference, guided walks through the old Jewish areas of these towns and talks to schools.

  Alan Schneider, Director of the B’nai B’rith Centre in Jerusalem, aware of these plans, invited Limor Livnat to attend the events in Burgenland. Unfortunately, her commitments do not allow her to accept this invitation, but she wrote a most interesting letter to Madame Claude Bloch and Francois Moyse, two of the leading personalities of AEPJ, organisers, together with B’nai B’rith Europe, of the EDJCH. The Minister is particularly happy with the theme of this year’s happenings – “Women in Judaism” – since this coincides well with one of her recent initiatives in Israel.