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February 8, 2015 .

The Israelisation of anti-Semitism

Does Israel have the right to exist? The question is answered swiftly. Mr H. Van Minnebruggen doesn't hesitate for a second. His answer: "YES". In a fiery plea Van Minnebruggen defends the right of existence of the State of Israel. Moreover, according to him, the denial of this very right of existence is a form of anti-semitism.

In his lecture in front of the Bnai Brith loge Mala Zimetbaum, he stated that the anti-semitism in Europe is far from gone. This is reinforced by the public opinion which questions Israel's right to exist. But this is not the way it is perceived. However, Van Minnebruggen states that being against Israel is being against the Jews. Israel is their only homeland, to which they are fully entitled. It is important to underline that Israel is a very diverse society where Jews, Christians and Muslims live together in peace.


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B'nai B'rith Antwerp in Cooperation with Royal Jongbloed Publishing


Dr. Prof. Hans Jansen's New Book "Why Israel Shoud Not Exist In The Middle East".

On Sunday, March 1st at 3 p.m., at the Romi Goldmuntz Center.

With a welcome by Dr.René Trau, the past president of B'nai B'rith Antwerp.
Introduction by poet-essayist: Benno Barnard and Yvonne Caluwaerts, assistant to Dr. Prof. Hans Jansen.

Presentation of the book will be with a speech by a representative of the publisher Royal Jongbloed from Heerenveen (NL).

Offering book copies to:
Dr. Prof. Hans Jansen- Amy Schumer- Yvonne Caluwaerts

Thanks to Dr. Prof. Hans Jansen

After the presentation there will be a reception with kosher sandwiches, cookies and wines.
During the reception you can optionally buy the book and get a signing by the author.

B'nai B'rith Malmö Sweden


Open Letter

To the Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, Foreign Minister Margot Wallström and Archbishop Antje Jackelén,

In regards to President Mahmoud Abbas's visit to Sweden on February 10th after the Swedish government's controversial recognition of the State of Palestine.

Despite the Swedish government's stated goal of assistance is poverty reduction, the Swedish government decided last fall to extend assistance to the West Bank and Gaza to 700 million per year.


melodies melees

Tal Bruttman

Le B'nai B'rith de Grenoble et L'association Consistoriale Juive de Grenoble RACHI vous invitent le 25 février 2015 à 20 H, 11, rue André Maginot à Grenoble à une conférence exceptionnelle par l'historien Tal Bruttmann.

Une séance de dédicace est prévue à l'issue de cette conférence exceptionnelle à l'occasion de la parution le 15 janvier dernier de son ouvrage "Auschwhitz".

Tal Bruttmann est historien, ses travaux portent sur les politiques antisémites en France pendant la guerre, ainsi que sur la « solution finale ».

Auteur notamment de La Logique des bourreaux (Hachette Littératures, 2003), Au bureau des Affaires juives. L’administration française et l’application de la législation antisémite, 1940-1944 (La Découverte, 2006), Aryanisation économique et spoliation en Isère, ((Presses universitaires de Grenoble, 2010) (PUG, 2010), Prix du B'nai B'rith France en 2010.
This text was written by Erika Van Gelger,  Daniel Citone, Solomon Bali and Tomas Kraus, after they attended the meeting organized in Berlin for the 10 year anniversary of the Berlin Declaration

Berlin plus 10

The high-level conference on Anti-Semitism took place in Berlin on 12-13 November, 2014. The goal of this conference was to evaluate the progress made in the last 10 years since the Berlin Declaration in fighting Anti-Semitism in Europe. Unfortunately the continuous increase in Anti-Semitism, especially since the conflict in Gaza, made it necessary to remind governments of their commitments.


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