The Jewish community, as well as some non-Jewish organizations of the city, joined the European Day of Jewish Culture, in the autumn of 2019. The day was full of interesting events, taking place all over the city.

Citizens attended the exhibition “Janowska: the slave labour camp as the industry of terror” within the Territory Terror, the memorial museum of totalitarian regimes. The exhibition introduced the history of Janowska, the slave labour camp, which was one of the base centers of Nazi terror in Lwow and Western Ukraine in 1941 – 1944. A tour of the area of Janowska (the slave labour camp) was also part of the program. 

A memorial ceremony in Valley of Death “The Hour of Memory” was held, followed by a session of reflections on quotations from reminiscences of the pre-war life in Lwow, the Holocaust, and the life after it – The voices of Space of Synagogues. The day included a performance of the “Strudel” band and then ended beautifully, with a tour of the city’s Jewish quarters.