On the occasion of the “Jewish Heritage Day”, accompanied by a professional guide, a group of 30 members of Raoul Wallenberg Lodge visited the town of Beelitz, 40 km from Berlin. Beelitz once had a large Jewish community consisting of 1000 members.

Established by B’nai B’rith and opened in 1908, it housed a school for special needs children from the Jewish community. This institution was under the direction of the educator Sally Bein. In 1942, the children and Sally Bein were deported to Sobibor Poland. A memorial plaque in commemoration of Salomon (Sally) Bein has already been unveiled in the B’nai B’rith Forest of Martyrs.
In 1993, the school was renamed “Sally Bein Gymnasium” on the initiative of its own students. A memorial stone on the grounds commemorates this exceptional teacher. Unfortunately, no specific information is provided for visitors to this memorial stone. We will submit an application for a memorial plaque to be mounted at the bus stop in front of the high school.