Kesher Day 2023
The event that brings together all the Jews of the Geneva region

Kesher is an exceptional opportunity for the Jews of the Geneva region
to get together by sharing the history, the traditions
the cultures of each of us and to share them with others.

This is the Kesher spirit: in the respect of the sensitivities of each one, to gather around
quality speakers who enlighten us on the evolution of today’s world.

An initiative of B’nai B’rith Geneva

2 Jews, 3 opinions, 1 people

Program and registration here

Program and registration here

What is Kesher Day?

KesherDay brings together Jews of all sensibilities, in a spirit of respect and harmony, because what unites us is much more important than what divides us.

Kesher is the event that brings together all the Jews of Geneva and its region.

Kesher is the Hebrew word for link. It refers to our common millennial destiny, our history, our values, our culture and our traditions. A living heritage, which we are proud to carry within us and to pass on to the next generations.

Kesher Day is an entire afternoon from which we leave with an even more vibrant identity, enriched by study, sharing and discovery. And of encounters too, in a spirit of unity respecting diversity, as in a big family.

A typically B’nai B’rith spirit, driven by a deep sense of solidarity with all Jews.

Combined with an ardent desire to contribute to the community at large, beyond differences, this is how Kesher Day Geneva was born in 2013 at the initiative of B’nai B’rith.