All Jewish organizations and communities of Lwow met on Sunday, November 3rd 2019, at the regional Honorary Consulate of Israel in Lwow to join the Kesher Day – “Proud to be Jewish in Europe”. The event was organized upon an initiative of Michael Pleskov, the President of B’nai B’rith “Leopolis” and turned out to be very interesting for people of different ages: it was devoted to several most outstanding Jews from pre-war and after-war Lwow, who influenced the life and culture not only of Jews, but also played a significant role in the lives of all residents of the region.

For this first edition of Kesher Day in Lwow, five conferences were held: Meir Balaban, the historian, Lucia Frey, the psychiatrist killed in the Lwow ghetto, Ida Kaminski, the famous actress, Isaac Pain, the famous conductor of the Lwow Symphonic orchestra, and Lyubov Kaganova, the principal actress of the after-war Lwow Drama theatre.

This event was facilitated by B’nai B’rith France and Francine Coen, the President of Emile Zola Lodge, France.