Sofia Lodge “Carmel” B’nai B’rith strongly objects to the decision of the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense to confer honors on Dianko Markov former member of the pro-fascist Union of Bulgarian National Legions.

The officials at the ministry seem to have forgotten the obligations of our country as stipulated in Part II, Article 4 of the Paris Peace Treaty of 1947 which states: “Bulgaria, which in accordance with the Armistice Agreement has taken measure for dissolving all organizations of a Fascist type on Bulgarian territory, whether political, military or paramilitary, as well as other organizations conducting propaganda hostile to the United Nations, shall not permit in future the existence and activities of organizations of that nature which have as their aim denial to the people of their democratic rights.

”This act of official recognition bestowed on a member of the Union of Bulgarian National Legions is in complete violation of the aforementioned article. The awarded recognition institutionalizes the glorification of persons with proven past and present Nazi affiliations and adds the Republic of Bulgaria to the shameful list of countries where Nazism and Fascism are favored at government level.

We are grieved to admit that this conduct comes as no surprise for it was only a year ago when the Prime Minister Borisov ordered that Ivo Antonov, an outspoken supporter of Adolf Hitler, be dismissed, nevertheless, the latter is still holds his post as government official at the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense.