On the 28th of April 2022, Elia Benamozegh Lodge, together with the Jewish community of Rome and other Jewish NGOs from the area commemorated Yom HaShoah. A multisensory journey accompanied visitors through the former Ghetto of Rome. A visual and auditory experience that unfolded among the most historically dense areas of the capital. The project was called “Eyes in the memory listening to the past. Mobile theatre in the Jewish Ghetto of Rome”, and was realised by the Mobile Theatre in collaboration with the Centre for Jewish Culture and Dibac, also supported by the Direzione Regionale Cultura, Politiche Giovanili e Lazio Creativo Area Valorizzazione del Patrimonio Culturale.

This initiative was not only a walk in the former Ghetto district, but a real “headphone trip”, able to give back to citizens and visitors a historical cross-section of the history of Roman Jews; from the Ghetto to the Shoah.

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