The European Days of Jewish Culture festival, which has been organised since 1999 by AEPJ, an organization founded by BBE among other partners, pursues to highlight the diversity and richness of Judaism and its local, regional and national historical importance, with the firm intention of promoting dialogue, recognition and exchange through conferences, concerts, performances, guided tours and other activities, which take place simultaneously throughout the continent. The pan-European festival of the European Days of Jewish Culture 2023 will take place in an extraordinary context and under the umbrella of an exceptional programme: the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme of the European Union. The AEPJ-led European funding project has been awarded €486,760.00 for the development of this edition, which will include a face-to-face EDJC Organisers and Coordinators meeting in Paris , online training on Memory, a Remembrance seminar in the Netherlands, a photographic European exhibition in Paris, an online exhibition on the international holocaust remembrance day, and much more.

The consortium is composed of the main EDJC national coordinators and AEPJ members located in the European Community: B’nai B’rith Europe, Patronat Call de Girona, JECPJ-France, Taube Center, Tarbut Sighet, Burgenland Research Society, and Jewish Community of Lithuania. In addition, key actors in the dissemination of European Jewish memory through culture are also part of the consortium: Memorial de la Shoah, Liberation Route Europe, and MahJ.

With the theme “Memory” for the 2023 edition, many people will have the opportunity to reflect about the historical memory of Europe, including the most difficult pages of its history. But, with a constructive outlook, through historical transmission, education, art and culture, which will seek to be a call for the joint construction of a Europe, with the highest humanist values, which celebrates its diversity, looking at the past and reflecting on the future.

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