This project has been running since 2002. Two volunteers from the Bucharest B’nai B’rith Lodge (Forum Dr. Moses Rosen), together with the local Jewish social services, made a list of needy, old and sick Jewish people. These people live alone at home and do not get assistance from other organizations. Their monthly income is 30-50 euro. From this they cannot pay the rent, electricity, food, medicine and the needed help in the house. Each of them is physically and or mentally disabled. The local volunteers visit each of the people on the list in Bucharest and the provinces and put together a social-medical dossier that is up-dated twice a year, each time just before they get the financial aid from us. We send the aid in two parts: once during the summer and once during the winter.

The Jewish Medical Center, Bucharest, has the same financial problems as the Old Age Home. We helped them by sponsoring some equipment for the department of ophthalmology and stomatology as well as medicines and vitamins.

The B’nai B’rith lodge, Forum Dr. Moses Rosen, Bucharest, got some financial help from the B’nai B’rith lodge of Netherlands (Amsterdam) and from France for helping the needy during the Pesach holiday (food packages) and to organize picnics for the ambulance residents of the Old Age Home.