From left to right: Audience; President of Nathan E Anna Cassuto Lodge, Claudia Bagnarelli

On June 13, the Milan Nathan E Anna Cassuto Lodge organized an evening on the theme of Tzedaka, one of the cornerstones of B’nai B’rith’s activities.

The program of the evening, hosted by actor and singer, Enrico Fink and Sister, Giulia Pesaro, started with the presentation of the book “Mi Yad Le Yad”; by Brother Manuel Mires, followed by a common reflection and discussion on ethical aspects and the significance of Tzedaka for every Jewish person. The discussion was led by the Masters, Rav Alfonso Arbib, Rav Avraham Hazan and the painter, Tobia Ravà – who designed the book’s cover. The second part of the evening was dedicated to Tzedaka intended as help and support to those in need, even before there is a call for help.