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NEWS - News of the Lodges

Report from Steen Cadan

The elections of the new Board for Danmark Loge took place on May 15th with the amazing result that only one brother left the previous board and in accordance to the results the newly elected are:
- President, Brother Allan Niemann,
- Mentor, Honorary Brother Bent Bograd (former Secretary General for B'nai B'rith Europe),
- Deputy President, Brother Steen Cadan,
- Assistant Deputy President, Brother Freddy Vainer,
- Secretary, Brother Stig Katznelson,
- Treasurer, Brother Samuel Korngut,
- Marshall, Brother Alf Isachsen,
- Guardian, Brother Martin Hirsch.

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The photo shows from bottom right the brothers Bent Bograd, President Allan Niemann, Freddy Vainer and in the second row Martin Hirsch, Stig Katznelson, Alf Isachsen and Samuel Korngut. - First Deputy President Steen Cadan was absent caused by illness.