Our Pillars

Preserving the Memory

Memory keeping is anything that has to do with your current or past memories for you to review and/or reflect on later. As much as it is important to remember the past, it is just as crucial to draw lessons for future. In order to ensure the transmittal of Holocaust memory into the future, B’rith Europe and its lodges organise and actively participate in commemoration events, ceremonies as well as conferences focused on the conservation of Jewish history.

Promoting Jewish Culture

The Jewish culture and traditions must be kept for generations to come. The preservation, appreciation and promotion of Jewish culture and Jewish heritage in Europe is crucial. B’nai B’rith Europe and its lodges organise and actively participate in European cultural events and celebrations that have the aim of maintaining the Jewish culture and traditions.

Combating Antisemitism

Antisemitism is still a deeply-rooted phenomenon in many parts of Europe and worldwide. Antisemitism in all its forms must be combated and this is one of B’nai B’rith Europe’s core goals. B’nai B’rith Europe organises yearly conferences, co-partners in projects and attends official meetings with the goals of overcoming Jewish hatred around Europe and bringing positive narratives to the Jewish picture.


For Jews around the world, the State of Israel is a special place. This country’s well-being is central to Jewish life. Like every other legitimate state, Israel has a right to defend itself against any acts of aggression that threaten its citizens. B’nai B’rith Europe and its lodges actively participate at EU Commission and Parliament conferences and other events, also having permanent representation in Strasbourg. B’nai B’rith Europe and its lodges also organise and actively participate in events oriented towards protecting the state of Israel.

Humanitarian Aid

Since its creation, B’nai B’rith has been helping those in need, regardless of their faith, race or nationality. It provides help to those in crisis, being it given natural disasters, war-related and recently, one of the biggest issues the world struggles with today – COVID-19.

B’nai B’rith Europe is playing a vital role in Jewish communities around Europe. It offers access to safe and affordable housing for low-income seniors and advocacy on vital issues concerning seniors and their families. B’nai B’rith Europe also offers diversity education and helps improve the situation within communities in crisis.

Intercultural Dialogue

B’nai B’rith Europe strongly believes that cultural diversity is an essential condition of human society. It actively participates in intercultural and interfaith events all around Europe.

Human Rights

B’nai B’rith has always advocated for the respect of every individual, regardless of their faith, race or nationality. Our understanding is that all people are equal and that we have to fight all prejudices and any intolerance everyu single day. One of the most important reasons why the organization is highly admired and respected in its 177 years of existence is that it is sensitive more than just against antisemitism.

B’nai B’rith Europe organizes an yearly ceremony called “The B’nai B’rith Human Rights Prize”. This ceremony aims to honor personalities from civil society who possess the essential qualities of tolerance and humanism and who work through their personal commitment to the defense of the fundamental values of dialogue and peace, thus contributing to bringing communities closer together.