BBE Talks (Dialogue and Discussions) is a project that involves a set of Zoom conferences. Each conference focuses on a region or a country, also bringing in a personality (political, historical, cultural figure). The topics discussed are of actuality.

Lodges from all over Europe have the opportunity to present their activities, the Jewish communities’ initiatives and updates on the country’s Jewish communities’ situation. These conferences are opened to all Loges’ members and other invitees.

BBE Talks aims to inspire, inform and unite the Lodges, all for the better future of the organisation.



BBE Talks Cyber Security

BBE Talks Hungary

BBE Talks Slovakia

BBE Talks Switzerland

BBE Talks Turkey

BBE Talks Les Derniers

BBE Talks Belgium

BBE Talks Italy

BBE Talks Israel

BBE Talks UK

BBE Talks Spain

BBE Talks Abraham Accords

BBE Talks Iran