The aim of the project “Bridges of Tolerance” is to disseminate information about the contribution of the Jewish minority group to the local culture, to fight the growing antisemitism in Europe through education, to encourage a public debate about the efficiency of the existing tools and modes of implementation of Hate Crime through the existing legislation and to bring about an inter-faith dialogue between Jews and Christians on the basic values of our Judeo-Christian civilization.

The first edition of the project started with a memorable classical concert at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest.

The second day was initiated at the Parmiant, with a series of workshops and discussions based on the topics of  “Discrimination, Stereotyping, Prejudice”. Dr. Alexandru Florian, Director of the National Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania “Elie Wiesel”. Following this was a concert offered by the Klezmer band of Romania at ArCub Hall. The Parliament hosted us all again for a workshop on “The Contributions of Jews to Romania’s Culture”. The moderator was the President of FEDROM – Aurel Vainer.

The first edition ended with a concert of traditional Jewish songs, at the Constantin Tanase Theater, in Bucharest.