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YOUNG ADULTS - Reports on activities

Dear Friends,

My name is Uros Sikimic and I come from the Jewish Community of Serbia. This November, my friends from Serbia and I attended our first B'nai B'rith Young Jewish Adult Forum...

I would like to share with you the provoked emotions and impact left on us during our weekend with You in Zurich.

Overall we have experienced an important element of Judaism, "One Jew for another, one sister for another and one brother for another", through unforgettable Shabbat moments, inspiring workshops and, of course, weekend of pleasure... We met wonderful people, which motivated us to do our best to look up to them by doing big and human things, but staying modest in the same time.

Thank You for sharing with us how always to be young and how to participate in B'nai B'rith. Let us start from the small things... From sending to the Red Cross a letter of support for Gilad Shalit, to the realization of the Makor project.

And yes dear friends, as long as we have the Facebook page where we can share our ideas and create B'nai B'rith activities, we have ACCOMPLIESHED THE MISSION! The mission to secure the future of the B'nai B'rith, not neglecting neither Matzoth halls, nor Sushi, but also the mission to preserve Jewish identity, to fight anti-Semitism, to strengthen our communities and to be the loud voice representing the human rights!

I honestly hope that we will be just a small part of a large family of sisters and brothers, who will bring a new wave of B'nai B'rith activities to life... Baruh Hashem!

Sincere regards
Uros Sikimic