The AEPJ has promoted, together with the network of participating institutions, an edition that will be based on new technologies and the digital world, giving the opportunity to reach a wider audience worldwide. In this way, for the first time in 20 years, on the opening day of the Festival, an eight-hour online program was held, open to the entire public, where conferences, interviews, concerts and videos on European Jewish heritage took place, offering a unique look, from the inside, at the history and Jewish communities of a large number of European participating countries. They connected live with Luxembourg, Barcelona, Jerusalem, Paris and Oxford.

The broadcast had six main events, detailed below, in which viewers were able to interact with the speakers through the chat. During the rest of the broadcast, various documentaries and videos produced by the participating institutions were re-transmitted. The Online Kick-off was on live broadcast on the AEPJ’s profiles on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.