Bjork Gunnar was born in September 1946 and married to Ruth November 1977. He has two children: Addie, born 1978 and Jonathan, born 1981.

He studied civil engineering in the Danish Technical University, with a Master’s degree in 1970, with specialty in Harbor Planning and Design. He’s worked most of his professional life on overseas harbor projects and ended being part of a team erecting offshore wind farms worldwide. He is now retired.

Gunnar joined B’nai B’rith Danmark Loge in 1996. He was the president of Danmark Loge in two terms: 2004-2006 and 2016-2018. He was and still is a member of BBE Executive Committee in two terms: 2008-2011 and from 2017 until now

Member of BBE Court of Appeal 2014-2017, he has also been a member of the board of Chevre Kadisha in Copenhagen since 1999 and is responsible for accounts.